Whole30: The Ultimate Guide

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WE'VE CREATED THE ULTIMATE whole30 GUIDE WITH OVER 50 RECIPES.  PLUS meal plans, shopping lists, how-to GUIDES, and more! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

What's In the eBook?

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We've set up every week with a menu and a grocery list so you can save time and prepare easier. 
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Cooking is exciting and easy with over 50 Whole30 Approved recipes full of insane flavor.
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Get insider information including: how-to guides, a crash course in food labels, and personal notes from Whole30 coaches to inspire and motivate you.

About the Author


Chef Sarah Russo
Culinary Manager, Pre

I’m here because Pre reached out to me and said, "We strive to fuel our bodies with the right foods... but we also want it to taste good!" I said, "Say no more!" It made me excited to work with a brand that is focused on how their food makes their customers feel and challenges them to think about the choices they make.

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1: Notes from the Experts
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Understanding Food Labels
Chapter 4: Planning is the fun part
Chapter 5: Grocery lists and Menus
Chapter 6: Recipes
Chapter 7: How-Tos